Code of Conduct

Where does it come from?

The C.O.D.E. of Conduct program is a comprehensive program designed to help children develop the important life skills of Confidence, Objective, Discipline, and Excellence. The program was created by Amin Touati, a UAE Jiu Jitsu pioneer and the first person in the UAE to be awarded a black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Amin saw the many benefits that Jiu Jitsu offered children, and he wanted to provide a structured program that would help children build the skills they needed to succeed in all areas of life.

For the past 33 years I've been involved in Martial arts.
In 2018 I started the first and only Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in the Middle East, and since then for the past five years I've trained 3000 students.
The biggest challenge that I've seen with children today is two-fold.
Number one they lack the confidence to go for what they want in life.
And as a result, they allow themselves to be bullied by people or teachers or situations or even their own thoughts.
And Secondly, they also lack the discipline to actually go for and see it through when they finally have the confidence to go for what they want.
The solution to that problem my four step methodology called C.O.D.E of conduct.
What that does is, it provides children with the CONFIDENCE that they need, to go for what they want in life, but also the clarity to understand what those OBJECTIVES will be.
And then through my patented approach, we give them the DISCIPLINE to make sure that they can see it through and not lose motivation and overall that provides for them a life of EXCELLENCE.
Because when you think about it, regardless of self-defense, isn't that what every parent wants for their child?
The reason why I'm so passionate about what I do is because when I grew up, I was that kid who wasn't good at anything physical. I was the worst at every sport you could possibly imagine.
And that lack of athletic prowess transferred into my other areas of life and I just found myself not having the confidence to stick up for myself, or to say what I needed to say in those situations where somebody was maybe pushing me up against the wall.
And it wasn't until I was around 20 years old that I discovered Jiu Jitsu and it became something that I was really good at, naturally.
And that natural skill set transcended and allowed me to increase my level of self-discipline and confidence in other areas of life.
And ever since then, I've been on this path to make sure that I get every kid to have that confidence long before they have to wait until they become adults.
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